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I've been testing out the banners you sent me for the dating websites and am very pleased to be able to say that we are getting a much better click-through rate than before. We have tried several different designers in the past but they were too focused on making them look 'pretty'. The suggestions you made definitely did the trick. Now I have aprox more 35% clicks and about 15% more upgrades. If that continue for a month, I will return my investments on banners about 10 times. That's what I call great deal!

Derrik DeSantis, Derrik DeSantis1

If you want a well clickable banners, I would definitely recommend Explicit Designer guys. They were flexible and understanding to all our needs and excellent value for money . . we have now ordered future projects Forget the generic, over saturated US designers.

John Sherman,

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent job you did on my site template I ordered. Even though I asked for changes to be made, the designer was extremely helpful and listened to my requirements with patience.

Gordon, Gordon

WoW, my new reality tour was designed in a few days. Its outstanding, brilliant looking. He fixed my pictures! My previous designer charged 5 times more and had no conversions due to poor quality. Highly recommended!

Niall Duncan,

Just got the tour design you sent and wanted to say - wow, well done mate!

Oscar Fernandez,

Great job guys! I was not expecting too much as you did such a rush job on the banners, but they turned out great. I will definitely use you again.

Emma Wyatt,

It been an absolute nightmare trying to get banners and galleries to promote my affiliate marketing programs. After trying to do it myself (way too basic), I decided to get a designer off Elance to do them for me. What a friggin waste of time. They were no better than the ones I did myself and they had the cheek to call themselves a designer. Anyhow. Just trying to say, what a difference to what you have done. Fast and they look freakin awesome!


I needed some designs with deadline yesterday expecting something average stuff but was well surprised to get quality stuff in no time. You are definately on my favorites list from now on

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